Beyond weaving... doing good, a key ingredient in life

We have been in the alpaca business, and will be, to create jobs through the development of innovative and well executed collections of scarves and shawls, incorporating the art and the mastered craftsmanship of hand-weavers.

We have been on this journey for over ten challenging, though fruitful, years.  Thanks to the effort of our co-workers and the trust of our clients, we have consolidated our position. We are pleased to have our products shown in some of the best stores in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

We remain committed to the continuous creation of work opportunities and we will always strive to do it with dignity.

We invite you to shop at our online store and experience the quality of our beautiful handmade baby alpaca scarves and shawls. Shop now!

Designed in Australia, Hand made in Peru

wallo & lily sac

Barrio Obrero # 1

Jacinto Ibáñez 106

Cercado, Arequipa


Ph. +51 54 231615