The Power Of Hands

We are not in a perfect world. We advance, reach new heights and, suddenly, what we know and how we do things does not serve as before. Then, we have two options, to resent it or to move forward...

Yes. As I write this, I can still feel the fear, the pain, the isolation that difficulties put us through. Soon after, however, I can also bring to mind that most of them, if not all, passed.

If it wasn't for those challenges, how would we discover our strengths? How would our inner capacities manifest? How would we understand the suffering of friends? How are we supposed to grow?

We need to constantly learn. We need to act, we need to think, we need to reflect, adjust and, again, act.

Hold, hug, shake, wave, write, knit, weave, paint, clap, cling, if needed, crawl. Just act with pure intention, trust, learn and share. Advance towards freedom from your self to reach new horizons. The power of your hands will amaze you.

Please accompany us in this journey.